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Caya Diaphragm and Natural Contraceptive Gel Pack with FREE Applicator


  • £56.23

Caya Diaphragm and Natural Contraceptive Gel Pack with FREE Applicator

Product Details

  • Brand: Caya
  • Shipping Weight: 159 g
  • Date First Available: 27 Jan. 2016
  • Natural contraception method, easy to use
  • Completely hormone free
  • Caya diaphragm gel inhibits sperm survival
  • Body friendly contraception
  • Caya diaphragm, Caya gel & Applicator

Caya Diaphragm Pack with gel and applicator for ideal hormone-free contraception Looking for a hormone-free, body-friendly contraception method? Look no further than the Caya diaphragm pack. You will get everything you need to ensure your hormone-free method of contraception is as easy as possible. The Caya Diaphragm The Caya Contoured Diaphragm is uniquely designed to fit almost any female body thanks to its ergonomic shape. The curved cervical cup is so thin that it will comfortably fit any woman's cervix and will not be felt by you or your partner during intercourse. Caya is made from medical grade silicone which is completely safe for your body and feels silky smooth and natural. The Caya has a lightweight nylon rim encased in body friendly silicone which makes it lighter and much more flexible than traditional diaphragms, allowing it to conform to the shape of your body without any discomfort. Plus, it has a unique removal dome which allows you to easily hook your finger underneath the rim to remove the diaphragm quickly. Another great feature is the grip dimples on each side of the rim; these are designed to help you squeeze the diaphragm when inserting it without your fingers slipping and causing the diaphragm to spring out. Caya Gel Caya Gel is free from nasty nonoxynol-9, a chemical regularly used in spermicides which has been known to seriously aggravate the skin and in some cases make you more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. Caya Gel uses 100% natural ingredients which are really kind to your body and won't cause any soreness or discomfort. Caya Gel is lactic acid based, which means it lowers the pH level of the vagina to inhibit sperm survival. As well as this, the gel contains cellulose which increases the viscosity of the vaginal fluids to inhibit sperm motility. In this respect is it not spermicidal as it doesn't kill sperm, but instead inhibits their motility in order to prevent conception.