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Earplugs for Sleeping - Soft PU Foam Noise Cancelling Ear Plug –Memory Foam Ear Buds - Lightweight with Free Carry Case for Women (10 Pairs) Earplugs for Women - 10 Pairs


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Earplugs for Sleeping - Soft PU Foam Noise Cancelling Ear Plug –Memory Foam Ear Buds - Lightweight with Free Carry Case for Women (10 Pairs)

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Size: Earplugs for Women - 10 Pairs
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  • Ingredients: PU foam
  • Weight: 34.5 Grams
  • Brand: MEOREX
  • Format: Foam
  • Shipping Weight: 18.1 g
  • Date First Available: 9 Sept. 2018
  • SANITY PROTECTION AND QUALITY SLEEP: MEOREX earplugs are best gift for those who are suffering from sleep deprivation due to Block partners snoring, noisy neighbors, pets, music concerts, shooting, drilling, recycling trucks, partner's snoring, Extreme volume, building/DIY noise. Specially designed for light sleepers at your home or while travelling.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & HYPOALLERGENIC: Noise reduction to SNR 35 dB for effective hearing protection in noisy environment. Hypoallergic and non-toxic PU foam material provides better concentration with less background noise. These are suitable for longer ear wear and do not cause pressure, pain, irritation or itching.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Soft Anti-noise ear plugs are designed to fit perfectly in different size of ear canal and keep loud noise away. Slow rebound, self-adjusting memory foam earbuds are easy to use and portable as you can take them with you anywhere while travelling in train, buses, car and flights. Also gives you pleasurable travel in heavy traffic.
  • Daily Essential & Multiple Use: These earplugs are daily need for every home to protect your hearing. Our regular customers choose MEOREX earplugs who work at airports, Drivers, Crane operators, DJs or in construction jobs. We provide you carry case for your convenience.
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE - We stand by our products, by any chance you are not happy with this item please write to us within 60 days, we will replace or refund your item, no questions asked. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist you.

Size:Earplugs for Women - 10 Pairs MEOREX brings specially designed 10 pairs quiet contour foam earplugs for women to ensure you sleep well and comfortably without any background noise and disturbance. Best solution for the people who are suffering from sleep deprivation or discomfort of partner’s snoring or living in noisy neighborhood. Hypoallergenic foam ear buds specially designed in bell shape to use while traveling, sleeping, construction, working and studying. You can use it for a longer period without any pressure, pain, itching and irritation. It is effective to have deep concentrate on study, reading a book or job files. Although These Ear buds can be reused again, but these should be replaced every 5 uses to avoid the risk of irritation or any type of infection in ear. NOTE: If the foam starts crumble and scattered so it should be disposed instantly and should use new pair for comfort. Cautions: Take the earplugs with clean hands, avoid contact with oily products. Clean your ear before using these Earplugs so that they fit perfectly in the ear canal. Slowly roll plug into a thin, crease-free cylinder on palm to shrink it and pliable before pulling it into ear. While compressed insert earplug in circular motion until it fits in ear canal. With finger tips hold plug in place until it begins to expand and block noise. If you feel any pressure on ear drum just take it out and insert again gently. While taking this out again move this in circular motion to protect your ear and earplug from any damage. Package includes: 10 Pairs Ear Plugs (10 pairs) Carry case Multi language user manual