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Gluco tabs - 50 Glucose Tablets (Raspberry) 200g Glucotabs x Pack of 3

Gluco Tabs

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Gluco tabs - 50 Glucose Tablets (Raspberry) 200g Glucotabs x Pack of 3

  • Gluco believe that everyone deserves a natural, easy source of energy
  • A natural source of energy
  • These raspberry gluco tabs are delicious tasting
  • Convenient and fast acting

Product description

  • GlucoTabs is a fast-acting treatment for hypoglycemia
  • GlucoTabs come in a pot, each pot contains 50 tablets (each tablet contains 4g of carbohydrate)
  • Each 100g of GlucoTabs Orange contains: 1704kJ or 408kcal, 0g protein, 98g carbohydrate of which 93g is sugar, 1g fat of which 1g is saturated, 0g fibre and 0g sodium
  • Ingredients of GlucoTabs Orange: dextrose,maltodextine, carrier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), natural to identical flavour, citric acid and vegetable fat