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Herpotherm - Against Cold sores and Fever blisters - Chemical-Free Treatment


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Herpotherm - Against Cold sores and Fever blisters - Chemical-Free Treatment

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  • Brand: Herpotherm
  • Format: Cream
  • Shipping Weight: 81.6 g
  • Date First Available: 15 Jun. 2019
  • Herpotherm is a patented medical device for the local treatment of symptoms that accompany cold sores, such as burning, tingling, itching or skin tightness.
  • If applied early enough, Herpotherm can completely prevent the development of cold sore blisters. If applied later, the severity of symptoms may be lessened, or they may fade sooner.
  • The electronic cold sore pen works solely by concentrated heat and is thus completely free from chemicals. Suitable for allergy suffers and pregnant women.
  • Also suitable for childen, for self-administration from 12 years of age - Dermatologically tested - patented medical device manufactured in Germany - battery included.

The hot tip to treat cold sores: HerpothermHow to use Herpotherm?Herpotherm is very simple to use. First place the device onto the affected skin area and gently press it against the skin. After pressing the button, the ceramic contact surface heats up to approx. 51°C. This temperature is maintained for three seconds, Herpotherm then switches off automatically.Note:To achieve maximum heat transfer to the skin, please ensure good contact with the skin, as even a small air gap can affect heat conduction.Please leave a treatment interval of at least 2 minutes between each application. Do not exceed a maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same skin area.How does Herpotherm work?The herpes virus survives dormant in the nerve cells. If the skin or immune system is put under stress, the virus can reactivate and cold sores can develop. Topical antiviral medication stops the virus from reproducing, but they can normally only shorten an outbreak by just half a day (Spruance et al., Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2002). Creams containing aciclovir also contain other chemical substances, such as preservatives and emulsifiers, in addition to the active substance aciclovir. They are also not very discreet when applied to the lip. Herpotherm works solely through the principle of local hyperthermia and is therefore completely free from chemicals. Local HYPERTHERMIA means concentrated heat therapy. A temperature of approximately 51°C is is applied to a small, limited area of skin for a short period of time.It is thought that this concentrated application of heat affects various physiological processes. Proteins required for the herpes virus to multiply are broken down by the heat. Experimental studies suggest that the body's own enzymes required for wound healing are activated by the application of heat.

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