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High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps and Sore Muscles, Eases Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), With Vitamin B6, D & E, 380mg Magnesium Oxide & Hydroxide Monohydrate, 60 Servings, Gluten Free (60 Count)


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High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps and Sore Muscles, Eases Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), With Vitamin B6, D & E, 380mg Magnesium Oxide & Hydroxide Monohydrate, 60 Servings, Gluten Free (60 Count)

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Size: 60
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  • Ingredients: magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin D
  • Weight: 85 Grams
  • Units: 0.25 Count
  • Country of origin: Usa
  • Location Produced In: USA
  • Brand: MGSPORT
  • Format: Capsules
  • Shipping Weight: 99.8 g
  • Date First Available: 1 May 2018
  • ENHANCED WITH VITAMINS - MgSport is the only magnesium supplement with Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and Vitamin D for better absorption to help with muscle spasms and restless leg syndrome. Helps with leg, calf and foot cramps for athletes and runners.
  • MUSCLE RELAXER - Magnesium is the miracle mineral! It assists in leg cramps, heart palpitation, energy production, bowel motions, sleep, bone formation, relaxation, positive mood, blood pressure, migraines and many other processes in the body! MgSport is an excellent magnesium for women and men. This supplement supports calcium absorption.
  • PURE FORMULA - MgSport comes in a veggie capsule. It's gluten and dairy free. It is not buffered, easy to swallow, contains no artificial colors, no stearates and definitely not propylene glycol. MgSport has higher proven absorption than magnesium oxide, magnesium malate, magnesium taurate, chelated magnesium, magnesium glycinate, magnesium oxide and magnesium orotate.
  • CLINICALLY TESTED - MgSport is the only magnesium supplement which is backed by a clinical study. The study shows these pills are absorbed three times more than magnesium citrate in the cellular level to help with muscle recovery. Each capsule contains 380mg of elemental magnesium.
  • BRAND LOYAL CUSTOMERS: At MgSport we want to build lifetime customers and take pride in the high quality of our supplements to keep people coming back for more. We have helped people from all backgrounds across the globe. Young or old, athlete or not, the MgSport family is growing every year. Buy once or subscribe and save to start seeing the benefits of this miracle supplement!

What to know about Magnesium: 1. Not all magnesium supplements are the same: Their effectiveness depends on their absorption in the bodies. It’s important to mind not just how much magnesium you consume but also the amount your body absorbs. The rate in supplements varies significantly, from 10% for most products, up to 42% in MgSport Magnesium. 2. Effective magnesium consumption: It’s best to take magnesium at night, when the digestive conditions are optimal and gastric acids are available. 3. I can't swallow a pill - how to consume magnesium? MgSport magnesium is available in Veggie Capsules. The capsule easily opens when you twist and pull the two parts. Make sure you do it slowly over a spoon, or small plate. Mix it with Apple puree, Banana or any other food. Its tasteless and does not dissolve in water (it needs our body acids). Benefits of MgSport Magnesium - 3 times higher absorption than other magnesium supplements - Formulated to help with sore legs, muscles and cramps - Provides relief from restless leg syndrome (RLS) - Enhanced with Vitamins B6, D and E - Helps with a more restful nights sleep Read more 2 out of 3 People are Magnesium Deficient Great sources of magnesium are nuts, whole grains, soy, fruits and vegetables (especially the green leafy kinds). Cocoa and pumpkin seeds are exceptionally rich in magnesium. Multivitamins do not provide enough magnesium for our bodies. The top selling multivitamins only offer 13% - 25% of the recommended daily magnesium. Athletes, Elderly people and those who consume medicines are often more magnesium deficient than "regular people". Taking Magnesium daily can help with sore muscles and increase energy levels. Read more High Absorption Magnesium for Leg Cramps and Sore Muscles High Absorption Magnesium Gel for Leg Cramps ZMG Zinc Methionine & Aspartate for Muscle Recovery USED FOR Sore Muscles / Restless Leg Syndrome / Restful Sleep Sore Muscles / Muscle Spasms / Restless Leg Syndrome / For those who can't take Capsules Muscle Recovery / Restful Sleep / for those with Magnesium Sensitive Stomach Enhanced With Vitamins B6, E and D Minerals Sourced from the Dead Sea Vitamins B6, B9 and E Backed By Clinical Study ✓ ✓ ✓ Direction Take 1 Capsule at Bedtime Rub Small Amount into Problem Area and Let absorb for 20 min. Take 2 Capsules at Bedtime