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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 10Vol 04928 200ML


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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 10Vol 04928 200ML

Product Details

  • Product Name: Care Hydro Peroxide 3% 10 Vol 200Ml
  • Weight: 0.2 Grams
  • Volume: 0.2 Millilitres
  • Units: 200 millilitre
  • Brand: Care
  • Format: Liquid
  • Date First Available: 29 Sept. 2020
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Especially designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy Watch's screen perfectly and cover the flat portion of the screen only, NOT THE CURVED EDGES. PULEN chose this design in order to provide maximum coverage, maintain longevity and durability while preventing the screen protector from peeling off.;
  • Delicate Touch: 0.33mm Ultra-thin High-response & high-transparency Glass maintains the original touch experience.;
  • 9H Hardness Scratch-resistant: effectively protect your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard substances.;
  • 99% transparency: optical grade transmittance and low reflection can ensure crystal clear image and highlight stereo feelings. the protector has no influence on screen color and retina display.;

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% 10 vols is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen. Hydrogen Peroxide kills disease organisms by oxidation! Hydrogen peroxide is considered the world's safest all natural effective surface sanitizer. It kills microorganisms by oxidizing them, which can be best described as a controlled burning process. When hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic material it breaks down into oxygen and water. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for: Leg ulcers Disinfect and cleanse the skin Sores caused by lying or sitting in the same position for long periods of time (pressure sores) Superficial skin infections As a mild skin disinfectant As a mouth wash or gargle solution Directions Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% 10 vols: For skin disinfection: Dilute a portion of the peroxide with an equal amount of water. Soak some cotton wool in the solution and use it to dress the wound as required. As a mouth wash or gargle: Dilute a portion of the peroxide to five times the amount of water. Use this solution to rinse the mouth 2-3 times. Repeat three times a day. Warnings Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% 10 vols: Do not use this medicine if you or your child: Have an allergy to any of the ingredients. Do not use on large or deep wound and on normal skin. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

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