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Nitty Gritty Nit Comb(Assorted Colors)

Nitty Gritty Nit Comb(Assorted Colors)


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Nitty Gritty Nit Comb(Assorted Colors)

Product Details

  • Weight: 200 Grams
  • Units: 1 Units
  • Location Produced In: United Kingdom
  • Brand: Nitty
  • Format: liquid
  • Shipping Weight: 18.1 g
  • Date First Available: 20 Nov. 2006
  • Patented micro-spiral grooves to remove lice and eggs. Please be aware if it doesn't have 'Nitty Gritty NitFree' ENGRAVED on the handle of the comb, it is NOT A GENUINE NITTY GRITTY COMB.
  • One comb treats the whole family
  • Contains no chemicals so safe for all ages
  • Removes nits AND eggs quickly in one go
  • To get the very best results, use with Nitty Gritty Head Lice Solution, but can be used with ordinary hair conditioner or other head lice treatment

DESCRIPTION It's a small, elegant item which does something quickly and easily that no-one thought could be done at all. Needs no batteries. The Nitty Gritty Comb quickly and easily removes not only head lice and unsightly nits (empty egg cases) but also extracts 'live'head louse eggs before they hatch. Instead of nasty chemicals, it gets the job done using advanced design and old-fashioned common sense. Just as you slide your thumb up the side to 'pop'the lid off a jar, the stainless steel MicroSpiral grooves of the Nitty Gritty Comb slide through hair that's been coated with either our the Nitty Gritty Solution or any ordinary hair conditioner, and 'pop'off any louse, egg or nit that they come into contact with. It's the biggest advance in head lice treatment ever. Note: It’s not rust: The dark ‘heat marks’ on the back of the NitFree happen during manufacture. PRODUCT FEATURES Removes head lice, nits and eggs. It is chemical free Ingredients . See all Product description