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Nordic Oil High Strength Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules, 1000 mg, Pot of 180 Capsules

Nordic Oil

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Nordic Oil High Strength Pharmaceutical Grade Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules, 1000 mg, Pot of 180 Capsules

Product Details

  • Ingredients: Natural fish oil, anti-oxidants: Vitamin E. Capsule shell: gelatin glycerin
  • Units: 180 each
  • Brand: Nordic Oil
  • Format: Capsules
  • Shipping Weight: 322 g
  • Date First Available: 22 Feb. 2017
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're not 100% satisfied with your order, simply return your bottle or pot for 100% no hassle refund.
  • HIGH STRENGTH OMEGA 3 FISH OIL - Highest level of purity so all our customers including pregnant women and children can rest assured.
  • Our omega 3 capsules offer the most convenient way to enjoy your daily dose of Nordic Oil and each capsule offers the same high-grade omega 3 as our award-winning oil.
  • RECOMMENDED BY HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS. Used by professional athletes to maintain their health throughout the UK and Europe
  • Perfect for those who travel a lot, and who always want to have their Nordic Oil supply close by - it has never been easier to ensure good health and wellness.

Nordic Oil is a high quality, high quantity, and great for high strength fish oil. Is all omega 3 fish oil the same? Not all fish oil is created equally. The source, the purity, and the density of the EPA and DHA make major differences in the quality of the fish oil that you put into your body. Nordic Oil high strength omega 3 fish oil is one of the highest quality and purest fish oils that you will find on the market today. Nordic Oil high strength omega 3 fish oil has one of the highest concentrations of EPA and DHA, so it supports many of the body's systems for overall health and well- being, including Supporting normal levels of brain function, healthy eyesight, including reducing tired, dry eyes. Helps to maintain correct levels of inflammation in the body and contributes towards maintaining heart health. Our carefully selected cold water fish from the deep-sea, and are molecularly distilled for purity from all toxins: Nordic Oil is designed to have maximum potency without the aftertaste. Recommended by health Care professionals: Dr. Tamsin Lewis MD and professional athlete says, "Pregnant women have an increased need for essential omega-3 fatty acids, and fish intake is recommended to be limited to two servings per week, for mercury levels. Supplementation with Nordic Oil is an ideal way to achieve an optimal level of DHA and EPA, necessary to support the rapidly growing baby. About Nordic Oil Live Well. Live Better. At Nordic Oil, we specialise in premium quality Omega 3 Liquid Oil, Capsules and other suppliements. We believe that everyone should have access to the numerous health benefits that come with regular ingestion of Omega-3s, which is why we produce some of the highest-quality supplements on the market that caters for everyone. Our Range and Awards Our supplements have been stamped with a Superior Taste Award by the International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels, which means that you no longer have to associate taking supplements with a bitter taste in your mouth. After all, if they’re going to be helpful, you have to actually be able to take the supplements. That’s not a problem with our nutrient-rich supplements. We deliver all over the world, and we ensure that you want to take them when they get to you. Why Nordic Oil? We know that you’re taking Omega-3 supplements because you want to keep your body strong and performance-ready, and we’re dedicated to the same cause. As a result, we use only the highest quality Omega-3 fatty acids in our supplements. Our natural ingredients are safe and healthy for your body every time. Read more