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Quies Earplug Natural Wax, 8-Pairs

Quies Earplug Natural Wax, 8-Pairs


  • £5.39

Quies Earplug Natural Wax, 8-Pairs

Product Details

  • Weight: 0.20 Grams
  • Units: 8 each
  • Brand: Quies
  • Format: Plugs
  • Material composition: Plastic
  • Serving Size: 100 Grams
  • Shipping Weight: 90.7 g
  • Date First Available: 28 Oct. 2011
  • Quies wax earplugs warm to your body's temperature and adapt to the unique shape of your ear cana
  • Quies wax earplugs are hypoallergenic and perfect for prolonged wear.
  • They are so comfortable that you may even forget you are wearing them

Quies silicone earplugs protect the ear from water (swimming pools, sea, shower). Their malleable and slightly adherent texture means that a completely waterproof seal is formed. Hypoallergenic and recommended for ears that are sensitive to water. They attenuate sound slightly but not completely. Silicone also offers protection against the cold and dust pollution. Ingredients Mix of mineral waxes and natural cotton. See all Product description