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Senset Cleansing Foam - Triple Pack Healthcare

Complete Care Shop

  • £11.83

Senset Cleansing Foam - Triple Pack Healthcare

Product Details

  • Product Name: skin cleansing foam
  • Brand: Complete Care Shop
  • Format: foam
  • Material composition: Foam
  • Shipping Weight: 1 Kg
  • Date First Available: 24 Mar. 2015
  • This Item can have VAT Relief claimed
  • Soothes, cleans, moisturises and protects
  • Contains a long acting deodorant

Gently loosens and lifts soiling from the skin. Leaves a water repellent on the skin to protect from wetness. Contains high levels of emollients and moisturisers for the cleansing and protection or sore, sensitive, dry or damaged skin. Long acting deodorant. Proven in independent tests to have up to 3 and a half more washes per can than other leading foams! Ingredients - See all Product description