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Skins Extra Large, Ultra-Clear, Extra Thin, Vegan, Premium Condoms, 12 Pack 1


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Skins Extra Large, Ultra-Clear, Extra Thin, Vegan, Premium Condoms, 12 Pack

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Package Quantity: 1
Brand: Skins
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  • Units: 12 condoms
  • Brand: Skins
  • Shipping Weight: 59 g
  • Date First Available: 25 April 2010
  • Extra girth and length for extra comfort - 57 mm by 205 mm
  • Vegan Condoms
  • Ultra-Clear transparent look
  • No Latex Smell
  • 12 individually wrapped condoms with extra lubrication for maximum protection and comfort

Package Quantity:1 ""Look your best, feel everything, compromise nothing! Skins Extra Large, vegan condoms are a clear, natural feeling condom that have been manufactured to provide extra girth and length for a more comfortable experience for the larger man. Skins condoms enhance and define the sexual appearance of the wearer and are made with latex so clear they almost feel like a second skin. In a perfect world no-one would choose to wear a condom but now, more than ever, condoms are essential wear. Condoms remain the only form of contraception to protect against STI’s. Along with other methods, condoms can also be used to avoid unwanted pregnancies. As condoms are made from latex - a natural product - searching for the best quality latex is taken as seriously as searching for the best quality grapes for winemaking each year. By selecting the finest latex, Skins condoms are not only beautifully clear but are also 0.05mm thinner than most condom brands whilst not compromising on strength and safety. Furthermore, the very best powders are used in the manufacturing process to allow the lubricant to migrate up to three quarters of the way down the condom, which allows for easier, more natural use and helps to minimise splitting. A latex smell is often an unwanted by-product of condom use so the makers of Skins have infused their condoms with a subtle vanilla scent, again making them more pleasing to the senses. With this much thought and effort placed into the manufacture of every single Skins condom, you'll Never want to Go In Without A Skin again! Also available in packs of 4 and 16. Other options include Skins Dots and Ribs, Skins Natural, Skins Ultra-Thin, Skins Black Choc and Skins Assorted. "" Indications If your condom tears during intercourse, always go and see your doctor or Family Planning Clinic as soon as possible. Same goes if you suffer from an itch or burning feeling. This may point to an STI or a latex allergy. See all Product description

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