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Vivani Dark Panama 99% Cocoa 80g x Pack of 10


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Item Specifics:

Condition: New
Formulation: Chocolate Bar
Size: 80g x Pack of 10
Type: Food & Drink
Product: Vivani Dark Panama 99% Cocoa
Features: Dark Chocolate 99% Cocoa 
Purpose: This rich dark 99% cocoa
Gender: Unisex

    • Bio
    • Vegan
    • Pleasant mild
    • 99% DARK Cocoa
    • DE-OKO-013

    Product description

    The Vivani Fine bitter 99% offers Cacao advantage of extra class. Has a pure cocoa brown/experience made from the finest PANAMA Cocoa which thanks to its comfortable mild. Thanks to the thin 80 g Notice Board shaping when unfolded An Incomparable melting in the mouth, which the Herben Cocoa Taste In The Spotlight. The extremely low percentage of elegant coconut blossom sugar (unrefined) device they Unverdienterweise about the secondary cast - but also at an first-class Lasigen.

    This awesome Vivani Organic Panama 99% Cocoa/Cacao chocolate bar is the bar with the greatest percentage of pure cacao possible made with Top-Quality Panama Cocoa.

    This Gives It A Very Mild Taste Despite The High Cocoa Content. Less bitter, somehow this stuff still manages to be super creamy!! Refined with coconut blossom sugar means this chocolate has a light Caramel-Like flavour, also because of its nutritional profiles and high cacao content this chocolate won't spike insuline levels and with low GI this stuff will stave off the sugar cravings!

    Perfect for baking all sorts of 'cheat-clean' recipes, creating your own 'chunk porn' in mug-cakes, homemade quest-bars etc, or just to eat on its own to curb those sweet cravings. Also perfect for non-training when fats are up and carbs are low!

    This intensely flavoured fine dark chocolate is perfectly balanced, being neither bitter nor overpowering. There are tonnes of benefits of eating dark chocolate as part of a balanced diet (as long as we don't eat the whole bar) and the higher the percentage of cocoa solids the betters! It is loaded with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants. There are many controlled trials showing that cocoa and dark chocolate can also improve blood flow and lower blood pressure! (Its a win win for us over here guys).

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